2013 Amendments to Bankruptcy Rules and Official Forms

Several amendments to the Bankruptcy Rules and Official Forms are on their way to becoming effective in December 2013.  The comment period for these proposed amendments to several Bankruptcy Rules has recently expired.  Several parties submitted comments.  These proposed amendments would amend Appellate Rule 6; Bankruptcy Rules 1014(b), 7004(e), 7008, 7012, 7016, 7054, 8001-8028, 9023, 9024, 9027, and 9033, and Official Forms 3A, 3B, 6I, 6J, 22A-1, 22A-2, 22B, 22C-1, and 22C-2; Criminal Rules 5(d) and 58; and Evidence Rules 801(d)(1)(B) and 803(6)-(8).

Many of the proposed bankruptcy rule amendments are changes to the forms, which are intended to “modernize” the forms to make easier for debtors and attorneys to read and understand.  Additionally, the 8000 series of the Rules (Appeals) is scheduled to receive substantial amendments.  The proposed rules can be found here.  Stay tuned for further information on amendments to the Bankruptcy Code.  Any new amendments will appear in Argyle’s 2014 versions of the Consumer Bankruptcy and Chapter 11 Handbooks.

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