Argyle’s Link Exchange Program – Improve Your Firm’s SEO While Saving $20


 Argyle Publishing Company’s Link Exchange Program

Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” is critical to finding new clients, converting referrals, and preserving your professional image.   One of the most difficult and critical elements of SEO is quality backlinks, especially for law firms in competitive markets.  In fact, the Google penguin update recently placed even more weight on backlinks in Google’s ranking algorithm.

We understand SEO is critical for our clientele.  SEO is critical for us too.  As a small family business, we continue to try to keep up with the “big guys” of legal publishing, who often have overwhelming resources at their disposal.  Argyle, on the other hand, is grassroots.  We were founded in 1978 and remain a small family business today.  Therefore, we’re reaching out to our most important asset – you.  You can help us continue to provide the highest quality products at incredibly low prices by providing us with a link on your webpage.  In exchange, we can help your SEO rankings by providing you a reciprocal link.  We’ll threw in a $20 coupon to boot!  Just follow the instructions below.

Here’s how it works:seo-process6

  • Provide us with a link on your law firm or personal website.  Link to either our homepage ( or any of our products.  The link should be anchored by the text “Argyle Publishing” “bankruptcy books” “business law books” or “estate planning book.”  Links work best when they are incorporated into content on your page, such as a blog article.  Let us know if you need ideas.
  • Once you update your website with our link, email us at info(at) and let us know where the link is located.
  • Once we verify the link, we will provide you a reciprocal link on our website, under a “Partners” heading, classified according to your most prevalent practice area.
  • We will also email you a coupon code for $20 off any online purchase from Argyle Publishing for the next 12 months.
  • Everyone wins!  Your SEO is increased as a result of a new high quality backlink and you get $20 off at Argyle!
  • But hurry.  This promotion only lasts until May 15th.

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