Just Released – 2014 Bankruptcy Books for Attorneys

2014 Package

Just Released – 3 New Bankruptcy Books for Attorneys

Argyle Publishing is proud to announce the release of three new bankruptcy books for attorneys in 2014.  Use the coupon code “Snow2014” to receive 10% during the month of February!

This year, both books feature free online bonus content, including a free ebook.

Argyle’s 2014 releases include: (1) The Attorney’s Handbook on Consumer Bankruptcy and Ch. 13, 38th Edition, © 2014; (2) The Attorney’s Handbook on Small Business Reorganization Under Chapter 11; and (3) The Bankruptcy Forms, © 2014.

Argyle’s new 2014 package includes all of these publications at deep discounts, including one copy each of:

(1) The Attorney’s Handbook on Consumer Bankruptcy and Chapter 13

38th Edition, 2014

2014_web_paperbackfrontBy Harvey J. Williamson, Esq.

This latest edition of The Consumer Bankruptcy Handbook is current to January 1, 2014 and covers all aspects of handling Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases.

This Consumer Bankruptcy Handbook shows you how to:

  • Analyze a client-debtor’s financial situation and analyze nonbankruptcy alternatives.
  • Understand the difference between Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcies
  • Conduct a means-test to determine eligibility under Chapter 7
  • Interview a potential client-debtor.
  • Prepare Chapter 7 bankruptcy forms, including official forms
  • Prepare Chapter 13 bankruptcy forms, including official forms
  • Claim all exemptions to which your client is entitled
  • Analyze the automatic stay
  • Reaffirm dischargeable debts.
  • Dismiss or convert a case to another Chapter.
  • Prepare a confirmable Chapter 13 Plan

View a sample pdf of the 2012 version’s Table of Contents, a chapter, and a sample exemption table here.

The perfect “nuts and bolts” practice guide, exemption manual, Bankruptcy Code, and Rules all in one package.  This 467-page handbook contains:

  • Exemption amounts for all 50 states with statutory references–over 2,300 separate exemptions!
  • All changes in bankruptcy law, practice, and procedure current to January 1, 2013 related to the handling of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 consumer cases;
  • The relevant text of the Bankruptcy Code current to January 1, 2014;
  • The notices and disclosures required of attorneys under the Bankruptcy Code;
  • Expanded bankruptcy work sheets and updated lists of exempt property for each state current to January 1, 2014;
  • Filled-in sample forms required under the Bankruptcy Code (more than 35 filled-in forms);
  • The Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, current to January 1, 2014.

Bankruptcy filings continue to increase, and are expected to continue to rise as the economy continues to be sluggish and the housing market attempts to recover.  Stay on top of the current changes in the bankruptcy law with the 2014 Edition of the Attorney’s Handbook on Consumer Bankruptcy and Ch. 13.

(2) The Attorney’s Handbook on Small Business Reorganization Under Chapter 11 (2014)

ecover 2014 chapter 11 clearbackTenth Edition, 2014
By Harvey J. Williamson, Esq.

This handbook contains everything an attorney needs to know to successfully prosecute a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.  It contains commentary and instructions on the preparation, filing and handling of small business cases under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. It covers the filing and handling of Chapter 11 cases for small businesses and individuals in any state or district. Ideal for attorneys with all levels of familiarity with Chapter 11, from attorneys who may not be familiar with Chapter 11 practice, to experienced attorneys.  This handbook has helped more than 10,000 attorneys expand and perfect their practice nationwide.

This handbook contains:

  • Instructions on handling every aspect of a Chapter 11 case, from the initial interview to the closing of the case
  • The complete text of the Federal Bankruptcy Rules and all applicable chapters of the Bankruptcy Code
  • Samples of the petitions, schedules, statements, motions and other documents used in Chapter 11 cases
  • Informative questions and answers about Chapter 11
  • Workouts and other nonbankruptcy alternatives
  • An explanation of the employment and compensation of the debtor’s attorney in a Chapter 11 case
  • An explanation of when Chapter 11 is preferable to Chapter 7 or 13
  • An explanation of how to prepare and obtain approval of a Plan of Reorganization and a Disclosure Statement
  • An explanation of the confirmation process in Chapter 11 cases

NOTE: All eBooks come in pdf format.


(3) Chapter 7, 11, and 13 Bankruptcy forms

ecover_2014_22014 Version

Our new Bankruptcy Forms contain every federal bankruptcy form in a “fillable” PDF format! Simply tab through the document, fill in the boxes and save the form to your desired folder.

These are the only forms available anywhere that have every federal bankruptcy form in fillable PDF format – all 102 of them, including all petitions, schedules and means tests forms.

These forms are designed for use with The Attorney’s Handbook on Consumer Bankruptcy and Chapter 13, 38th Edition, 2014.

They include everything you need as mandated by the BAPCPA. The forms include all the IRS local and regional tables for every state, Census Bureau median income information, and Ch. 13 multipliers needed to properly complete the means test for your clients.

Documents Included:

  • Full text of The Attorney’s Handbook on Consumer Bankruptcy and Chapter 13
  • All the information needed to fill-out the new 2011 means testing forms for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 including:
    • All Census Bureau median family income tables for all 50 states
    • All IRS national standards tables
    • All IRS local standards for all 50 states
    • All Bankruptcy Ch. 13 multipliers for all 50 states
  • Information pertaining to the BAPCPA debtor audit program
  • The Official Interim Bankruptcy Rules
  • Forms for attorney notices to debtors as required under the BAPCPA
  • All chapters of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code (in MS Word format for easy cutting and pasting into documents or correspondence)
  • The New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • The Federal Rules of Evidence
  • Questions and answers about Ch. 7 bankruptcy to use as a client handout
  • Questions and answers about Ch. 13 bankruptcy to use as a client handout
  • Questions and answers about Ch. 11 to use as a client handout
  • Bankruptcy worksheets used to collect all pertinent information from a client for properly filling out the required bankruptcy forms
  • Court information for every district in America
  • 2014 Director’s Procedural Bankruptcy Forms in fillable PDF and MS Word
  • 2014 Official Bankruptcy Forms In Fillable PDF and MS Word
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