Just Released – Attorney’s Handbook on Small Business Reorganization Under Chapter 11 (September 2012).

The Attorney’s Handbook on Small Business Reorganization Under Chapter 11 (*Just Released*)

Eighth Edition, (September, 2012)
By Harvey J. Williamson, Attorney at Law

ISBN 978-1-880730-60-7

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This completely revised handbook contains everything an attorney needs to know to successfully prosecute a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.  It contains commentary and instructions on the preparation, filing and handling of small business cases under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. It covers the filing and handling of Chapter 11 cases for small businesses and individuals in any state or district. Ideal for attorneys with all levels of familiarity with Chapter 11, from attorneys who may not be familiar with Chapter 11 practice, to experienced attorneys.  This handbook has helped more than 10,000 attorneys expand and perfect their practice nationwide.

This new handbook contains:

  • Instructions on handling every aspect of a chapter 11 case, from the initial interview to the closing of the case
  • The complete text of the Federal Bankruptcy Rules and all applicable chapters of the Bankruptcy Code
  • Samples of the petitions, schedules, statements, motions and other documents used in chapter 11 cases
  • Informative questions and answers about chapter 11
  • Workouts and other nonbankruptcy alternatives
  • An explanation of the employment and compensation of the debtor’s attorney in a Chapter 11 case
  • An explanation of when Chapter 11 is preferable to Chapter 7 or 13
  • An explanation of how to prepare and obtain approval of a Plan of Reorganization and a Disclosure Statement
  • An explanation of the confirmation process in chapter 11 cases

All completely revised for 2012.  Purchase today.

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