Keeping Client Information Confidential: Secure Hosting With a Dedicated Server

All law firms are ethically required to keep client information confidential.  But this can be a difficult task in today’s cloud based internet age.  Small firms, in particular, seem to have trouble determining the level of safeguards needed.  This article discusses using a dedicated server to keep information about you and your clients confidential.

Most law firms keep client and other proprietary information on “host” computer.  This host can be vulnerable to malware and hackers who seek to obtain your and your client’s confidential information.  Obtaining a dedicated server can be a valuable tool to keep information secure.

A Strong Family of Dedicated Servers320px-CERN_Server

It is important to learn about the variety of servers that are engineered to grow with your business. Law firms should project their growth for the next five years or so when determining the type of security necessary.  The types of information you want to host on your computer server is necessary to assess prior to your purchase.

Law firms should also do a thorough job of assessing the level of remote access to provide for employees, partners, and customers. The method of access is important before you set up the configured server. Some customers may want to access key information via mobile devices or web based applications. Take time to analyze the access points and the community allowed to enter your network.

Complete the business analysis first, then have a server engineered for your needs. Business processes change frequently. You must consider these changes when deciding on a server. Anticipate how you will expand server access to new partners and a segment of your customer base. Some businesses prefer to invest a bit more financially to install a scalable system. Think long and hard before you make a decision regarding scalability.

Variety of Infrastructure Options Makes Life Easy

It is hard work to analyze the information to make the right business decision. Determining your infrastructure architecture is the first step after you have decided about your access points. The infrastructure architecture will outline some of the criteria, and features your new server will need. The connectivity configuration provided in the architecture will set the stage for the security requirements. Assess your security needs and make an effort to understand how the system will adapt to unforeseen security needs. Adapting to new security breaches is extremely important for your company.

Chose a Partner with Some Pizazz

You guessed it! A partner in the Information Technology arena must be trustworthy, reliable, and growth oriented. Select a company with proven relationships with customers and partners. A relationship built on trust and open communication is a great starting point for you and your business.

Technology partners must prove to you that they will help you anticipate and adapt to the changing technology issues. For example, Hivelocity has a reputation for doing right by the customers they serve. Developing the trusting relationship first is important. Find a partner you trust, then you can consult about the equipment and services you will need.

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